MDENet International is a network of expert networks across Europe and the world, focusing on research and practice in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). MDENet International started with the EPSRC-funded MDENet network in the UK and currently brings together networking efforts in 14 countries (Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK). As these networking efforts find funding and establish their activities, more information will become available below.

What do we mean by MDE?

Model-Driven Engineering has been studied and practiced under many different names over the past decade or so. So even if you don’t know the term MDE, you may have heard terms like MDSE (Model-Driven Software / Systems Engineering), MDD (Model-Driven Development) etc. We have prepared a glossary of key MDE terms, which you can find here. The central idea is to enable the development of software from higher-level domain-specific modelling languages. This allows a better collaboration between software engineers and domain experts, which is essential for addressing the ICT needs of our modern society. Current predictions suggest that by 2030 1.6 million ICT professional jobs will need to be filled in the European Union alone. This software capacity crisis clearly can only be achieved by enabling co-creation between domain experts and software engineers. MDE is the technology to enable such co-creation. More information about MDE can be found in the learning resources provided on the MDENet community platform and on this Awesome list.